Horses That You Love: The true expression of a great heart is found in our horse.
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Nobility and Grace—Your Horse Is a Work of Art

To Celebrate My Websites' 5th Year Anniversary, and to Thank All of My Clients, Family and Friends, All New Commissioned Paintings Are Reduced 25%!

Horses are prominent in religion, mythology, and art. In industrialized countries, horses are predominantly kept for leisure and sporting pursuits. These drawings and paintings of our special equine friends are by award winning watercolor artist C.A. Sinclair.

Please click on the thumbnail images for larger versions, pricing and ordering information.

The following Horses in Ink Gallery, Horses in Color Gallery, and Reffie's Gallery contain both ink and painted prints to enjoy in your home, office, or as gifts. All the gallery pages will be added to in the future.

Hope you enjoy browsing through them in the months to come.

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